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Grand Canyon West is located in northwest corner of Arizona and can be accessed by car, helicopter and plane. This area of the canyon 
is privately owned and operated by the Hualapai American Indians.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hualapai Via the link, read an discover these fascinating people. There is entry fee for access. 
We drove from Las Vegas to visit this location. It was probably about a 2 1/2 hour drive through the desert. But it was a fascinating drive. We drove by Lake Mead, over the Hoover Dam, and saw the snaking Colorado River on on way there.

​In order to get to the actual site, you have to drive through the actual Hualapai Reservation. It's quite a long drive through winding roads. But be aware, much of the area is open and  the homes are far off the main road. With all this the speed limit averages 25mph to 40mph. You feel like you are crawling on these roads. But, it's a reservation and schools and small businesses line these streets. Be careful.

When we arrived to the site, we were directed where to park. When you enter the building (still a ways from the Skywalk) this is where you purchase your tickets. You can buy helicopter rides, river rafting trips, meals, or just the skywalk. We purchased the skywalk and lunch.
From there they direct you out of the building to a shuttle. This shuttle takes you to the Skywalk. Because of Covid and this being winter, we were the only ones on the shuttle. 

We arrived at the Skywalk location in about 10 minutes. All we could say when we got off the shuttle was WOW. The Grand Canyon was right there, directly in front of us. You are literally allowed to walk right up to the edge of it if you are so inclined.  What amazing views.
From there we went into the building to enjoy the Skywalk. As you can see from the images above we had the walk to ourselves. It was simply amazing. I cannot give the views justice. Just check our images below.  It's truly an emotional experience.  That glass bottomed walkway allowed you to enjoy the Canyon in a way that is otherwise impossible.
After some time on the Skywalk, the shuttle took us to another part of the canyon that offered even more spectacular views. See them below.
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This was a great mini-APpventure. It's just 10 miles from south of Las Vegas. According to the artist its considered 'a creative expression of human existence in the desert'. 

All the years we have driven to Las Vegas, we have always wanted to stop here. Well, we finally found some time. Unfortunately, they were restoring the rocks with fresh paint for several days, and our visit happened to coincide with this. So as you can see some of the stone rocks had tarps around them, in addition there were orange construction barriers around the 7 Mountain's. 
Even still it was a great visit. Seeing the vast Nevada desert beyond the rocks was simply breathtaking.  The image of these colorful rocks juxtaposed against the desert skyline is art in itself.

The original intent of the work in 2016 of the work was to be on display for ONLY two years.  But because of the popularity of the exhibit, it has been extended until the end of 2021. Who know if it will be extended again. So, if you are interested in visiting this location you have approximately one year... unless it gets extended again.

<![CDATA[THE NEON MUSEUM - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA]]>Sat, 25 Jan 2020 08:00:00 GMThttp://theappventures.com/land/the-neon-museum-las-vegas-nevada
What an adventure this was. If you are a fan at all of the 'Old Las Vegas', this is for you. I remember as a child driving through the original Las Vegas strip and seeing all these neon signs all lit up and moving, blinking, and shining. 

This boneyard of  signs is simply a must for any Las Vegas trip. The museum has created a meandering path to easily display these timeless pieces of art. This layout also helps to not crowd the site. The visitors are always moving. Some of these signs are so massive that this really is the only way to really appreciate them. At one time these signs were atop multiple story buildings. Now to view them eyelevel it's just such a treat, and well worth the $28. admission. There are several types of tickets you can purchase. With ours, it came with a self-guided headset. Through this you receive detailed information on almost every piece in the museum (what year was it put up, which hotel it came from, when was it removed, etc...). Those details are what make this place so special. Most of the signs we saw here  were from the 50's though the 80's. There were some from other decades, but the majority were from the heyday of the Las Vegas's Neon days.

On our next visit we plan to visit it's sister museum just next door. This one is open at night and the signs are actually lit up as they were in their heyday. That should be a great sight to see.

From online: ​The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, features signs from old casinos and other businesses displayed outdoors on 2.62 acres. The museum features a restored lobby shell from the defunct La Concha Motel as its visitor center, which officially opened on October 27, 2012.